Honors Courses

Honors Courses  

Here are the Honors courses for the 2015 Spring semester and the 2015 Fall semester. Courses are set, but times are tentative.

Spring, 2015:

Phil 2163 History of Modern Philosophy, Historical Survey  Fox, TR 925-1040 (meets gen-ed section of NSP)

Theo 1033 Exploring the Bible, Papsdorf, time TBD but probably either TR 1050-1205 or MWF at 9 (meets gen-ed section of NSP)

HNRS 4883 Brave New Worlds, McFall and Dietrich, M 6-9, applying for NSP core course status now

Fall 2015

HNRS 1103 Freshman Honors Seminar Either W or R 6-9

HNRS 4884 Genocide in the Modern World, applying for Gen-ed level of NSP status.